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Best Free HTML Editor - 5 Best Free HTML Editors Youll Never Miss

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or an expert in the field of web development, a professional and efficient HTML editor is needed. Compared with shareware, I think most of us would like to use FREE HTML editor especially the best free HTML editor. However, when we search the keyword 'best free HTML editor' via Google or other search engines, we will find that most of the HTML editor manufacturers claim that their software is the best; does this make you feel confusion? Don't worry, we may help you out. To let this article make sense, we have tested various free HTML editors and will recommend, in our opinions, the 5 best free HTML editors to you.

  No.1 Best Free HTML Editor - KompoZer


In our opinions, Kompozer is the best free HTML editor. You can use it to both design and edit web pages. This free HTML editor is very easy to use, it is the perfect solution for beginners to create a professional website or only edit their web pages. Better still, Kompozer has a markup cleaner and a W3C call function to validate your HTML against current standards. And, the created web page has clean code which is helpful for search engine optimization.

Learn more about Kompozer >>

Free Download Kompozer >>

  No.2 Best Free HTML Editor - Amaya


Amaya is also a freeware and it gets ranked #2 best free HTML editor in our opinions. Amaya was jointly developed by W3C (The World Wide Web Consortium) and the WAM project (Web, Adaptation and Multimedia). As we know, the web standards are created by W3C, so Amaya has a distinct advantage in the field of standards compliance and accessibility.

With Amaya, you can browse web pages as well as creating/editing web pages, which will make your work more efficient because finding information via browsing other websites and creating/editing web pages can be all done with Amaya. What's better, after finishing creating/editing your web pages, you can easily upload them to your server from within Amaya as well.

However, the most obvious shortcoming of Amaya is that this free HTML editor is not newbie-friendly. And, this software cannot be compatible with Windows 8. As the W3C said, it is no more developed.

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Free Download Amaya >>

  No.3 Best Free HTML Editor - NetBeans



NetBeans is a comprehensive and professional (yet free) web development tool, it gets ranked #3 best free HTML editor in our opinions.

This software indents lines, matches words and brackets, and highlights source code syntactically and semantically. It also provides code templates, coding tips, and refactoring tools. And, the editor supports many languages from Java, C/C++, XML and HTML, to PHP, Groovy, Javadoc, JavaScript and JSP. Because the editor is extensible, you can plug in support for many other languages.

However, NetBeans is a little difficult for beginners to use, you must have enough knowledge in the field of web development, otherwise you may don't how to get started with this free HTML editor.

Learn more about NetBeans >>

Free Download NetBeans >>

 No.4 Best Free HTML Editor - Aptana Studio


Aptana Studio is also a freeware. It develops and tests entire web application using a single environment. With support for the latest browser technology specs such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Ruby, Rails, PHP and Python, it is a versatile and useful tool for web developers. Moreover, the latest version, Aptana Studio 3 claims to be rebuilt from the ground-up, making it much faster and customizable.

You may ask that since Aptana Studio is so powerful, why it only gets ranked #4 best free HTML editor? The reason is simple, because there is an obvious shortcoming of this freeware - It is not inherently portable like Komposer and it is too professional for beginners to use.

Learn more about Aptana Studio >>

Free Download Aptana Studio >>

 No.5 Best Free HTML Editor - PageBreeze


The reason that we save a place for PageBreeze is that this free HTML editor is really suitable for beginners - Ease of Use! This software has both visual (WYSIWYG) and HTML tag/source modes, if you are don't have depth knowledge in the field web development, using this free HTML editor is a good choice.

Learn more about PageBreeze >>

Free Download PageBreeze >>

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