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SliceMaker Tutorial:
Through this metro style HTML template, we'd like to teach you how to empty background by using SliceMaker products.
When you clicks the right white area next to the banner images, the white background will be empty. This is not a frequently-used JavaScript function but we still want to introduce it to you and hope you will understand how to achieve this kind of effect. 
Creative Solution
SliceMaker products provides you with the creative and innovative way to create a web page or a website. You can easily create unique and professional web page or website on your own with SliceMaker prroducts.
Easy and Fast
Without writing DIV and CSS mannually, you just need a web design image and then import the design image into SliceMaker products to create a web page easily and fast. Click the below button to view the web page templates created by SliceMaker products, they are all free.
Technical Support
If you cannot create a web page or have problems using SliceMaker products, please feel free to contact us. We promise to our customers we will try our best to solve whatever problem you are having within 24 hours even if you are a freetrial user. [Support: support@slicemaker.com]
Some Tutorials of SliceMaker Soft
Change Image on Hover
This article will use an easy example to help you understand how to change an image on hover. You can create image hover effect for your web page within several simple clicks.
Change Background on Hover
Through this article, you will learn the easiest way to change background on your webpage using JavaScript even if you are unfamiliar with programming.
Show or Hide DIV
This article will teach you how to show or hide a DIV with SliceMaker products. You can show or hide DIV within several simple clicks, it is very easy.
Create Tabbed Content
This is a video tutorial of SliceMaker Products. Through this video tutorial, we will teach you how to create tabbed content with SliceMaker products.
Why Choose SliceMaker Products?
Free Download SliceMaker Products and then you have 30 days freetrial without any functional limitation.
SliceMaker products can help you create an exceptional and unique web page easily and fast.  
Absolutely the new and innovative way to create a web page or website. It is your right choice to choose SliceMaker products.
24/7 customer technical support even for free trial and giveaway users. Your satisfication is always our goal.
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Live Websites

The following websites are created by using SliceMaker procuts, please take a look at them: latex clothing | latex hoods | gothic boots | wedding petticoat



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If you have problems when using our software, we want to hear from you. Send us an email that describes the problem you're having and include a screenshot if possible. [Support Email Address: support@slicemaker.com]
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